Who We Are

Welcome to M/S Ensure Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

M/S Ensure Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is a company founded by group of professionals who have rich experience in commercial refrigeration and food service venture in India. We adhere to the market demand, make use of the technological progress as the driving force, listen widely to opinions of all customers, and research ambient temperature, voltage, energy saving etc., from different areas which are the key factors to design and produce chest freezers/Chillers, Water Bottle dispensers, Vertical Chillers/freezers, water coolers etc. under the brand name of Euronova.

M/S Ensure Innovations Pvt Ltd has its offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad and delicately working in Frozen, Dairy Industries & caters to Retail segments through our more than 150 Sales and Service channel partners across the Country.

Our products are designed well suited to operate in all seasons. All our products deliver better performance due to highly energy efficient compressors and better condensing capacity, in-house design set up for matching, balancing and installation of refrigeration equipment. We understand the dynamics and intricacies of different Industries and have the expertise to provide optimal solutions for industry specific requirements.

Service is a differentiator for us and we have service infrastructure in all Metros and important cities in India. This innovative system has been finding many users, and we thrive to add new innovations through products and services adding delight to our customers. We believe in profitable, sustainable and enjoyable long-term relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. It is our hope to promote, by joint efforts both trade and friendship to our mutual benefits.

"Our Need to be the best ensures your needs are met"

Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care !!

As long as there is a climate on this planet, mankind will need to keep finding better ways to control it. That’s why Euronova is here, providing our customers with superior refrigeration products through superior innovation. It’s a commitment to constant improvement, supported by the highest standards of quality and service. And a driving needs to be the best.

  • Service: We consistently strive to meet needs of our Customers and catering to the customer’s diversified demands.
  • Integrity: Our actions are always guided towards doing the honest, right thing.
  • Accountability: We all take responsibility for our daily decisions, actions and their collective out comes.
  • Respect: We treat each other and our Customers with respect, in spite of diverse backgrounds and cultural differences.
  • Teamwork: Working together allows us to accomplish more than what we can achieve individually. We continuously develop personal skills and
  • Safety: We have concern for the safety of Customers, employees. We comply with recommended safety measures and environmental regulations.